BTEC Sport

BTEC Sport

Year 10 Autumn Term Spring Term Summer Term

Unit 2: Practical sports performance.

Learners will begin studying the rules, regulations and scoring systems for a range of different sports.  This will then develop into developing a video which demonstrates the skills, techniques and tactics in their selected sports.

Exam: January 2018

Unit 2 will be finished by reviewing sports performances.  Learners will have the opportunity to review their own performance in two selected sports



Exam (Resit): May 2018

Unit 4 is completed by investigating the different energy systems used during sports performance.  This includes looking at both anaerobic and aerobic systems

Unit 1: Fitness for sport and exercise

Preparation will begin for this is externally assessed unit.  Students will learn the components of fitness, be able to explore different fitness training methods and investigate fitness training methods

Unit 4: The sports performer in action

Learners will look at the short-term responses and long-term adaptations of the body systems to exercise

Year 11 Autumn Term Spring Term Summer Term
Sport Unit 6: Leading sports activities.

Learners will be introduced to the attributes required to be a successful sports leader, giving them knowledge of the skills, qualities and responsibilities associated with success in sports leadership. This will then move on to considering the planning and leadership requirements for delivering sports activities


Exam (Resit): January 2019

The final section of Unit 6 focuses on evaluating their own effectiveness as a sports leader within the session that they planned and delivered. Learners will need to think about strengths and opportunities for developing as a sports leader


Exam (Resit): May 2019

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