Meet the Department

Mrs R Alm Curriculum Leader


Subject Overview

KS3 Cookery and Nutrition offers students the opportunity to prepare and cook a variety of predominantly savoury dishes. They will learn about where food comes from, how to maintain a healthy and balanced diet through good nutrition; how to plan and prepare nutritious meals on a budget and explore the working characteristics of ingredients through scientific food investigations. Learners will explore the sensory characteristics of food through analytical and evaluative work.

This is an exciting and practical curriculum area that is supported through theoretical work. Practical work will be assessed via a food investigation along with a design and make assignment and through regular feedback.

Curriculum Map

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Extra Curricular Opportunities

Cooking club: Wednesdays 15.35-17.00

Y11 Exam Intervention: Thursdays 15.35- 16.15 (invite only)

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