Modern Foreign Languages

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Mr R Crook Curriculum Leader
Miss M Fontenoy Teacher
Mrs S Vincent Teacher
Mrs L Wallace Teacher
Mrs M Saglio Zizzi Teacher
Mrs J Boyd Teacher

Subject Overview

At Bishop Challoner we currently offer both French and Spanish and we believe that every student is entitled to experience success in language learning. By studying a Modern Foreign Language we encourage our students to think of themselves as citizens of the world as well as of the United Kingdom. We create a learning environment in the classroom that motivates and encourages students to communicate, as far as possible, in the target language, and motivate them to take on challenges and risks with their learning. We also help our students to develop their independent learning resilience and build their self-esteem by continuously providing them with opportunities to experience success.

We employ a range of teaching methods that actively engage our students in meaningful and experiential learning in order to create the best possible language learning environment at school. We endeavour to do this through careful questioning, peer-and-self-assessment and through interactive methods of teaching and learning. Real communication is the central thread to our lessons and the teaching of grammar is considered vital to develop genuine independence in the students’ ability to express themselves.

Overall, the Modern Foreign Language department hopes to develop their pupils’ all-around education and competencies needed to enter the world of work. Furthermore, the increased understanding of other cultures helps students to develop greater tolerance of the wide range of people of different race, religion and background that one encounters in our society.

Curriculum Map

Key Stage 3

Key Stage 4

Extra-curricular opportunities:

We offer a range of enrichment activities whenever possible, including extra-curricular clubs and revision sessions as well as our exchange trips abroad. We are very fortunate to have an ongoing partnership with St Francois de Sales in France with whom we have been able to enjoy exchange visits for many years. Our newly forged partnership with La Salle Berrozpe in Spain is also proving to offer further valuable experiences to our pupils.


Year 11 French GCSE Listening Resources


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