Roles and Committees

Roles and Committees

Standards: D Letherby (Chair), M O’Driscoll, L Eley, A Mackay, C Manuel, K Webb,
S Wooster, S Taylor

Site, Finance & Personnel: J Harwood (Chair), K Rafferty, E MacDonald, K Webb,
M Whitty, K Sidley, R Poole

Admissions: K Webb (Chair), M Whitty, L Eley

Appeals: C Manuel, R Poole, M Whitty, J Harwood

Governor Links:

Religious Education – K Webb, Fr Whelan
English – M Whitty, L Eley
Mathematics – A Mackay, R Poole
Science – S Taylor, K Sidley
Modern Foreign Languages – M O’Driscoll, K Sidley
Physical Education – J Harwood, S Wooster
Technology – R Poole
Health & Safety – J Harwood
Pupil Premium – A Mackay
SEN – K Webb, S Wooster
Development & Training Governor – M O’Driscoll (+ Chairs of Committees)
Forum Representative – A Mackay