Bishop Challoner

Catholic Secondary School

Application Process for 2017

We would like pupils this year to demonstrate their commitment to the role of Student Leader, by applying online for the position.

Below is an outline of the key responsibilities and qualities needed for Student Leadership.

You can apply online by following the link below.

 It can be viewed by all the staff involved in the selection process. You must make sure that you type your name before you begin your first answer ‘what personal qualities…’ or we may not know who you are.


Read the notes below very carefully, to make sure you understand exactly what each role demands.

Head Boy and Head Girl, and their Deputies:

  • To support the Headteacher and Senior Leadership Team in promoting and representing the school.
  • To always be a role model for students, living the ‘Challoner Way’ and ‘Walking with’ our diverse community of students.
  • Work with the Head teacher and Senior Leadership Team to improve the school.  
  • Lead the Student Leadership Team, co- chairing meetings with Year Head.
  • To organise planning teams for the Yearbook and Prom.
  • Regular meetings with SLT to discuss school issues.
  • Liaise with Student Voice and be a link between Students and Staff.
  • To plan and present at least one assembly to all year groups.
  • Represent the School at all major functions. Make speeches on behalf of students at community events; Celebration Evening in July, Former Y11 Presentation Evening and externally at The Remembrance Sunday wreath laying.
  • Represent school at the Elderly Neighbours’ Party.
  •  Assist Chaplain with Liturgies for the Welcome Mass, Patronal Feast Day, School Carol Concert, Leavers’ Mass (in Y10 &11); and the school Mission Week December 4-8th 2017.

House Leaders

  • Be enthusiastic and proactive in creating a sense of House Identity in school.  And, as part of this, be confident and enthusiastic to deliver encouragement and news in Assemblies.
  • To assist with the planning, promotion and delivery of Interhouse competitions.
  • To be a positive role model for their Tutor House and be approachable to all year groups.
  • Help out with the Y6 Information/ Meet the Tutor evening.
  • Assist with Open Evening.
  • Be willing to be trained as a Peer Mentor, to support, or be ‘buddies’ for our younger students.
  • Assist Chaplain with liturgies (eg. Welcome Mass and Patronal Feast Day) and assemblies; attend and help with Y7 Pilgrimage and/or Retreat Days and Y8 Retreat Days; and with the School Mission Week (4-8 Dec 2017).

All Subject Student Leaders:

  • Be prepared to help out at Open Evening, Options Evening.
  • Be prepared to run a ‘subject helpdesk’ once a half term to assist students.
  • Help with Classroom displays.
  • Assist with Departmental trips and events if required
  • Be an ambassador for the subject.
  • Be prepared to report on Dept/ area news for school newsletter/ website to celebrate success.

Additional roles and their duties in addition for specific leadership areas:

Art - regular attendance of the Tuesday after school Art Club and participation in Key Stage 3 Art club as appropriate. Have passion and commitment to Art. Help with the preparation of materials and management of resources.

Administration Support – to regularly assist office staff with admin duties, conduct tours.

Bamenda – to raise the profile of our links with our sister school, St Bede’s College, and develop them; to establish a ‘Friends of Bamenda’ group to encourage involvement of younger students in developing the link and fundraising for St Bede’s College

Caritas - to help launch and lead a new school group (SVP) that will promote social justice in our school and the local community. You should be a motivator and organiser. Help us work towards achieving the Romero Award for social justice in action in our school.

Catering monitoring catering room certain mornings before school when teacher is on duty or in meetings to help the lower years to safely store their food, labelled in the fridge. Help with displays, help with elderly neighbours’ party.

Chaplaincy – help plan and assist with the School Mission Week (4-8 Dec 2017), End of Year Mass, Welcome Mass, Patronal Feast Day, School Carol Concert, Leavers’ Mass (in Y10 & 11) Y7 Pilgrimage and/or Retreat, Y8 Retreat, and other key Spiritual Events during the year; promote chaplaincy activities to tutor groups.

Charities – to feel concern for those in need and be prepared to help organise and plan fundraising and awareness-raising in school. Help with current projects (eg shoeboxes, Poppy Appeal). Attend Charity meetings (one per term). To help with a lunchtime knitting club in the library some lunchtimes for a charity project.

ICT/ Computing - helping in the ICT Dept once a week at lunch-time, with either lunch clubs, maintaining displays, assisting teachers organising equipment as required

Drama – be actively involved and lead sessions/rehearsals during the KS3 Drama club and school production.  Be involved in making choices for script/musical options for lessons and extra-curricular clubs.  Help lead activities during GCSE revision sessions.  Develop a Drama/Dance student voice group focused on new initiatives in the department

English - be involved in paired reading for KS3 and also setting up and leading on small GCSE revision groups with their peers.

Equalities leader – To help in the establishment and running of a group that promotes equality and diversity in school (eg ethnic, religious, sexual orientation/ gender, disability)

French - show willing to welcome new pupils, especially those with a second language.

Geography Run map skills sessions for KS3 students struggling with their grid references and so on. Take a lead with revision sessions for your peers in Y11.

History - Assisting where necessary at Parent’s Evenings, develop student voice in the History department, assisting and sometimes leading assemblies at significant times of year (Eg: Holocaust Memorial Day, Remembrance), providing assistance with History trip admin, providing an opportunity for Key Stage 3 students who require History HW help

Interhouse Co-ordinator – organise and assist Mr Lewis with the smooth-running of the Interhouse Competitions, keep the House Board updated.

IT support - help with setting up the hall for assemblies, monitoring printers, looking after the charging of netbooks.

Library – have a love of books and reading, knowledge of the library. Occasional help on desk. Help with Book Fair, Open Evening (prep and attendance), give ideas, attend occasional book clubs to encourage younger students, help out with charity blanket knitting club.


Media and Communications – help co-ordinate and produce regular updates on life at Bishop Challoner for school newsletters, website and the Press. You should be IT literate and a confident communicator.

Music – preferably a GCSE Music student and active participant in musical life of the school. Be prepared to participate in any concerts or events that are appropriate either inside or outside school. Be prepared to help organise concerts, design programmes and be available to help when needed.

PE – keep team records for extra curricular activities, help organise and assist at Sports Awards Evening and Open Evening, help organise and officiate Interhouse Competitions, assist with extra-curricular practices, produce club posters.

RE – to attend RE trips when required. To lead debating clubs for KS3 and KS4.

Resistant Materials


Spanish - show willing to welcome new pupils, especially those with a second language.


Unicef – oversee the Unicef Reps as they plan and respond to initiatives in and out of school.

Desirable skills and qualities of all Student Leaders:

Support the Challoner Way and Walk with the students in our community. Be encouraging of others and compassionate.

  • Have strong sense of integrity (be true to yourself and your values) and be prepared to speak out for what is right.
  • Exhibit positive personal qualities such as reliability, responsibility, leadership skills, communication skills, co-operation with both peers and adults, self-discipline, politeness, confidence to speak in public, helpfulness and be capable of earning the respect of peers and adults.
  • Act as mentor or ‘Buddy’ for younger pupils, by actively promoting and overseeing the mentoring within own Tutor group and around school including dealing with issues of concern for all pupils by offering help, support and advice.
  • Willingly assist with the smooth running of the school during the school day by regularly and reliably performing duties as requested by your Year Head or member of the Senior Leadership Team.
  • Act as an Ambassador for the school at school events, within both the school and local community.
  • Ensure that school rules are followed, to promote and uphold appropriate behaviour and uniform around the school environment, supervise corridors and aid the smooth movement of pupils around school.  
  • Be involved with all aspects of school life, both within the school day and in their own time including extra-curricular clubs and activities, inter-form / House events, charity work, house assemblies, trips, school productions and performances.