Bishop Challoner

Catholic Secondary School

Art & Design


Exam board        AQA

Key content.      Students complete three coursework projects, one of which is always structured around a residential trip to Cornwall.  The other two projects vary from year to year but typical themes are “The Everyday”, “Trees” or “Music and Dance”.  An exam project is completed in the Easter term of year 11.  For this, students are given an exam paper with seven possible starting points for students to choose from.

Assessment         Coursework 60%

                                    Exam 40%

Mock exams       Year 10 - June

                                   Year 11 – November

Terminal exam  Year 11 – April

Progression        The GCSE Art and Design course provides solid grounding for students to develop onto higher education Arts courses, particularly if changing discipline, e.g. Textiles or Photography.

Useful books     AQA Art & Design students’ handbook provides useful explanations and examples of assessment

Useful visits        The Cornwall trip is usually planned for the 3rd weekend in September of year 11.  We usually go on the Thursday and return on the Saturday.  Costs are in the region of £150.

 As part of the exam project we encourage students to plan a trip independently to support their own studies.

  1. KS3 Curriculum Map Art