Bishop Challoner

Catholic Secondary School


The diocese of Portsmouth is twinned with the Diocese of Bamenda in the NW Province of Cameroon in West Africa. This project is the practical expression of co-responsibility in the church. Money raised goes towards healthcare, HIV and AIDs treatment, education, clean water.

2014 is the 40th anniversary of the Diocesan twinning with the Diocese of Bamenda in the Cameroon.  During the 40 years a number of priests from both our Diocese and Bamenda have had the opportunity to serve as priests in each other Diocese.  In addition, about £900,000 has been raised in our Diocese, funding a range of social, medical and school projects.

This year the school is privileged to be participating in a Diocesan delegation visiting Bamenda in February 2014.  Six students, two teachers and our Chaplain are travelling with the delegation and will be visiting a number of schools during our week in Cameroon.

We are committed to two distinct fund raising projects.  We are funding the costs of our staff and students and a return delegation.  We have raised £3,000 towards the costs and plan to continue fund raising.

The whole family of Portsmouth Diocesan schools is committed to raising educational materials for schools in Bamenda, the project is called "Books for Bamenda" and will be the Lenten Charity for all schools this year.

We are taking some easy to carry items with us such as pencils etc which are very expensive in the Cameroon.  The Challoner PTA and the school in general are committed to raising as much money as possible for these projects.  Please help in any way you can.