Bishop Challoner

Catholic Secondary School


 Due to our recent recognition within Basingstoke for the continued successful provision the Careers and Enterprise department have offered, we have decided as a school to strive to gain a nationally recognised Quality in Careers Award.

This award is through the Investors in Careers Group who will assist to raise the standards and recognise excellence in careers education, information, advice and guidance.  We are aiming to complete the process by the end of July 2017 and will keep everyone informed of our progress.

Through the tutorial system, company visits, deep learning days and enterprise activities students are exposed to a wide range of opportunities to help them to focus on the type of career they would like to follow.

Transition to college: Open days to QMC and BCOT are arranged. In addition a Careers Fair will be held in the summer for year 10 students, where all the local colleges, apprenticeship opportunities, local Government and associated organisations will be present.

Apprenticeships: Earn while you get training leading to nationally recognised qualifications.

University. Introduce the students to UCAS with a guide to course selection, the admissions process, making an application and Clearing.

Enterprise activities: Year 10 students will be encouraged to set up their own company and assign roles to different students to source, make, market, sell, finance products/services and manage the company’s activities throughout the year.

Writing a CV: Year 11 students will be allocated time and instructed in how to prepare a professional CV and a supporting letter of application. These documents will form the basis of their first contact with college/employment.   

Interview technique: Students will be instructed how to present themselves in interviews to their best advantage.

Which career is right for you? Finding the right career can be hugely rewarding, so it’s worth putting some effort into career planning.

Finding a career to suit you: Encourage students to research the type of career that they would like. To consider the necessary qualifications, location, salary, career progression and working conditions.

Career planning: where to start: Students list their interests inside and outside of school including voluntary work, travelling and specialist courses.

Exploring types of careers: Information about careers in particular industries can be obtained either through our career advisor or using online support such as Eclips, icould and Careersbox.

Help with career planning: Talking to a careers adviser will help our students to focus, both internal for Year 9 students and external for Year 10 students.

Finally: By the time students leave Bishop Challoner they would have developed the skills and confidence to make decisions and take increasing responsibility for their future.

N.B. The active participation of parents is actively encouraged.

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