Bishop Challoner

Catholic Secondary School

KS3 Curriculum

Year 7: Bridging unit - songs, beat, 4/4 time, rhythm, vocal group work around ostinati

Melody writing – paired work, group work, question and answer, pentatonic scale, phrasing, shape, Aeolian mode, counter-melodies, chords, bass

Ragtime - melody writing revision, 2/4 time, major, chords in accompaniment patterns, syncopation

Year 8: Blues – swung rhythms, Blues scale, chords including 7ths, improvisation, structure, history, influence, rock and roll

Rondo – melody writing, structure, contrast, key relationships, Classical music, orchestra, jazz, pentatonic improvisation

Indian music – raga, tala, drones, improvisation, instruments, culture, Bollywood

Year 9: Variations – Classical music, Romantic music, virtuoso, phrase balance, melodic development, rhythmic motifs, improvisation, chords, instrumental techniques

Jazz – modes, riffs, improvisation, extended chords, syncopation, instruments; Big Band

Ground bass – Pachelbel, Time Lapse, chords including dissonance, melody, instrumentation, major, minor

Reggae – culture, melody, hooks, chords, bass, structure, tempo