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Catholic Secondary School

Religious Education






Year 7

  • Sacraments
  • Prayer
  • Community
  • Who is God?
  • The Bible
  • Liturgical Calendar
  • Advent and  Christmas
  • The History of Christianity in Britain
  • Lent, Holy Week
  • Reconciliation
  • Easter
  • Sacraments of Initiation
  • Pentecost
  • Creation and stewardship
  • Judaism

Year 8

  • The People of God
  • Jesus the New Covenant
  • Did Jesus exist?
  • Who is Jesus? (context, conflict, parables miracles)
  • What is Church – mission and purpose
  • Discipleship
  • Easter
  • Sin and  Conscience
  • Islam

Year 9



  • War and Peace
  • Crime and Punishment
  • Hinduism
  • Buddhism
  • Introduction to GCSE RS
  • Unit 1 of GCSE RS Christianity Beliefs and Values. (see KS4 Map)



Religious Studies

Exam Board


Course Content

Y10 Christianity (Unit 9)

Beliefs and Values (key Christian beliefs about God, sin and salvation; how Christians put love into action).

Community and Tradition (beliefs about the Bible; Church mission, structure and authority; beliefs about Mary; the role of clergy and celibacy),

Celebration and Worship (Infant and Believers’ Baptism; Confirmation; the Eucharist in different traditions; features of Christian Churches; Christmas, Lent, Holy Week and Easter).

Living the Christian Life (vocation; Holy Orders; social and community cohesion; the Ten Commandments and the Sermon on the Mount; The Golden Rule; poverty in the UK).


Y11 Religion and Life Christianity (Unit 2)

Believing in God (religious upbringing and experience; arguments for and against God’s existence; science v. creationism; the problem of evil, suffering and unanswered prayers; the media and belief in God).

Matters of Life and Death (life after death; the sanctity of life; abortion; euthanasia; world poverty and the Christian response; an issue of life and death in the media).

Marriage and Family (changing attitudes to marriage, divorce, family and homosexuality in the UK; sex outside of marriage; Christian marriage; divorce; homosexuality; family life; contraception; media representation of relationships).

Social Harmony (community cohesion; the roles of men and women in society and the Church; racism – the social and Christian response; Asylum seekers; UK as a multi-faith society; religion and community cohesion in the media).


100% Examination

No. of exam papers

2 exam papers, 1 hr 30 minutes each. Both exams are taken at the end of Y11 and are equally weighted.

Progression Routes

Many of our GCSE RS students have gone on to study Religious Studies or Philosophy and Ethics A levels. It forms a valuable base for any course in humanities or social science such as English, history, sociology, Law and psychology.

Useful textbooks /links to past papers and websites

For the Y10 Christianity Paper: Edexcel GCSE Religious Studies Unit 9C: Christianity Student Book

ISBN 9781846904240

For the Y11 Religion and Life Christianity Paper: Edexcel GCSE Religious Studies Unit 2A: Religion & Life - Christianity Student Book  ISBN 9781846904202

To view Edexcel past papers visit:

For Y11 students, keeping abreast with the latest case studies and news regards the issues studied (eg. abortion, euthanasia) is essential.

Revision sites:


KS3: A really useful website, particularly for those who are looking to build their confidence in studying Christianity, is It contains many helpful explanations, images, videos and quizzes.

Y11 - There are some fantastic revision videos, courtesy of Mr McMillan, to support quality revision of Units 2 (Religion and Life, with reference to Christianity)  and 9 (Christianity). 

Please be aware that on YouTube they are called units 3 and 10 because they are the Catholic version. This does not matter - the content is almost identical.


MrMcMillanREvis - YouTube

A source for videos to help students studying Religious Studies in the UK. Primarily this is for students studying 'Philosophy of Religion' on the Edexcel AS...


The RE department uses social media to post up topical links, start debates, set homework and celebrate RE. Follow us and enhance revision via Twitter

MrsCripps (@ChallonerRE) | Twitter

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Useful visits

  • Visit different Christian churches to contrast and compare the beliefs and worship of different denominations
  • Attend worship during special Christian Festivals (eg Christmas, Holy Week, Easter) to increase understanding.
  • a Basingstoke event that celebrates the UK as multi-faith and multicultural.


  1. Religious Education KS4 curriculum map
  2. Curriculum Map KS3 Sept 2013 RE
  3. Websites to Enrich RE