Bishop Challoner

Catholic Secondary School

School Buses

Aldermaston Coaches - Tel: 01189 713257

7:55am  Calleva Arms
7:57am  Silchester Motors
7:58am  Springfield Road
8:06am  Heathend Road
8:10am  Bishopswood Road Shops
8:12am  Dominos Pizza
8:14am  Allens Garage
8:15am  Elm Park Garden Centre Layby
8:16am  Queens College Arms (layby opposite)
8:24am  Sherborne St John
8:40am  Bishop Challoner

It is our suggestion that your child arrives at the coach stop 5 minutes before the above timings.

(NB Bramley children are normally dropped off at the Queens College Arms by parents in the morning and picked up by the bus en route)

In order to secure your child / children a seat, please complete the form in the attachment below and return it to as soon as possible. As you are aware Hampshire County Council no longer funding seats on the coach for new children using the coach from September 2012. Therefore the cost is to be met by the parents and paid directly to Aldermaston Coaches.

Should we continue to offer this service the cost per student will be £850 per annum. The cost of £850 can be split into three equal payments of £283.33 payable by 10th August for the Autumn Term, 10th December for the Spring Term and 10th April for the Summer Term. Should you wish to pay for the whole academic year in full we are offering a 5% discount and the total therefore would be £807.50. Please advise me by THE END OF JUNE should you wish to book a seat / seats.

Once we have received the completed form, we will contact you again to confirm if we have sufficient numbers to continue running the service and that your child has a seat. If applicable an invoice will be sent to you at the appropriate timings. Other normal procedures will apply ie : a travel pass will be issued with your child’s name on it. Seats are released on a first come first serve basis, please advise other parents who may be interested to contact us.

Stagecoach Buses 

Chineham Bus 657

8:10am            Chineham, Thumwood
8:20am            Chineham Village Hall
8:25am            Chineham Centre, Tesco
8:34am            Popley, Tintern Close
8:45am            Bishop Challoner School

3:45pm            Bishop Challoner School 3:56pm            Popley, Tintern Close 4:00pm            Chineham Centre, Tesco 4:04pm            Chineham, Thumwood
4:11pm            Chineham Village Hall

Popley Bus 657

8:20am            Chineham Centre, Tesco
8:30am            Tobago Close
8:34am            Tintern Close
8:45am            Bishop Challoner

3:45pm            Bishop Challoner
3:56pm            Tintern Close
4:00pm            Carpenters Down
4:13pm            Lychpit, Saxon Way

Please check Stagecoach website for up to date information on all other local routes

NB:  Stagecoach bus passes are available from the bus station information office in the town centre.

Andover Bus

Pick Up No 1 - The Royal Oak, Charlton Village - 07:30
Pick Up No 2 - Saxon Fields roundabout - 07:35
Pick Up No 3 - The Hexagon, Salisbury Rd - 07:45
Pick Up No 4 - Weyhill Rd, opposite the Lunar Hare Pub/Restaurant - 07:50
Pick Up No 5 - Andover Bus Station - 07:55
Pick Up No 6 - London Rd, Admirals Way - 08:00
Pick Up No 7 - Picket Twenty Roundabout - 08:05
Pick Up No 8 - The Wheatsheaf Pub, A30 North Waltham - 08:20

Please contact PACT for more details, email:

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