Bishop Challoner

Catholic Secondary School

School Library

Bishop Challoner School Library

The library is open before school at 8.30am, during morning break, lunchtime and after school until 4.30 Mon-Thurs.  Our ten computers may be booked for use during these periods. We have approximately 8000 resources for students to borrow.

Year7 students have a library lesson each week where they become familiar with the library and are told about the book authors and any other topical book news.  Staff listen to individuals read and the students take part in the Accelerated Reading scheme. Years 8 and 9 also have regular lessons in the Library. Year 7 students always receive a free book in their first term, we hope this helps to foster a love of books and reading.

Each year a group of Year 8 students are chosen take part in The Hampshire Book Award. There are Book clubs to join and a second hand bookshop.