Bishop Challoner

Catholic Secondary School

Student Leadership


At Bishop Challoner we seek to involve students in leadership roles both in and outside of the classroom. As part of our mission we provide opportunities for students to demonstrate and develop their talents and skills. We know that leadership at all levels is preparation for life.

Year 11

Student Leaders

Student Leaders’ duties include supporting whole school liturgies; assisting at open evenings and providing visitors with tours of the school; being ambassadors at public events, such as the Remembrance Day wreath laying, and a variety of other duties within subject areas.

Prefects are always involved in the appointment of new teaching staff.

Student Leader Structure Includes:

Head Girl and Head Boy
Deputy Head Girls and Deputy Head Boys
House Leaders
Subject Leaders
Chaplaincy, Fairtrade, Charity, Media Leaders
Interhouse Co-ordinators

Wellbeing Mentors

A number of Year 10 volunteer to be wellbeing mentors. They undergo a period of training in pastoral/listening skills and child protection. These are led by Mrs Cripps and Mr Gook. Wellbeing Mentors are available to talk to, every lunchtime, with students from any year group. They are based in C1. The mentors especially support our new Y7 students with transition and also 'surf' the playground at lunchtime to be a friendly face.


The Lounge

A selection of these Wellbeing Mentors then choose to regularly support in The Lounge (based in C1) , which provides a safe, structured haven for a variety of Year 7 and 8 students to play board games, make craft items, relax and chat.


Paired Reading Partners

Each year 20-30 Year 10 students volunteer to become Reading Partners. This scheme requires those volunteers to attend a basic training course which covers current best practice in the support of phonics acquisition and paired reading methods. Following training, the Partners make a commitment to meet and read with their allocated younger student twice a week for 3 months – a minimum of 20 sessions.  This very successful school intervention builds close, positive relationships between key year groups and, of course, promotes reading in a fun and engaging way. Some students use this opportunity to fulfil the Volunteering section of their Silver DoE programme.

Whole School

Student Voice

Each tutor group has two representatives who are members of the School Council. They meet regularly with Mrs Cripps to discuss and action issues of concern to the student body.



Young Interpreters


Ms Corrigan, our Head of MFL, leads her fantastic team of Young Interpreters. They have been trained by Astrid Gouwy from Hampshire EMTAS and Ms Corrigan over the past few months. They impressed staff at the end of year INSET with a presentation on learning as a student with English as an additional Language (EAL), and lead assemblies during Language Awareness Week.


The Young Interpreters:

·      Support new arrivals during break and lunch times and introduce them to other pupils.
·      Check new arrivals are settling into the school and feedback to key staff.
·      Welcome bilingual visitors to the school (for example, school tours, Open Evening, Parent’s Evenings).
·      Support new pupils with their understanding in the classroom.

Sports Leaders

We are proud to support our young people to inspire people and communities through leadership qualifications in sport.

Sports Leaders UK changes lives. Originally founded over 30 years ago, Sports Leaders UK was set up to support people across the UK who would like to give back to their local community. It now assists over 140,000 young people a year to give them the skills, advice and confidence to provide sporting opportunities to their neighbourhood.

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