Bishop Challoner

Catholic Secondary School


Technology Carousel

In KS3 the Technology curriculum is delivered in four, 10 week blocks where pupils will study Technology – Textiles - Catering

Technology - two 10 week projects

Yr 7

Students design and make two projects in Yr7, a mini light and a bookend. Pupils first learn about workshop safety and workshop routines. A wide variety of hand tools are used in these projects with an emphasis on accuracy.      

 Mini Light - The mini light introduces pupils to the design process as a way of generating ideas for products. A template is made and used to cut out the mini light shape in plastic.

 Book End - The bookend shows pupils how to mark out accurately using the correct tools and to use jigs to help cut a Lap Joint in pine. Sketching ideas and learning how to draw in isometric to present ideas and thoughts, to an audience.

Yr 8

 Jewellery - demonstrates how metals can be cast into different shapes. Pupils make a study of Art deco & Art Nouveau design styles and use them to generate design ideas.

 Mobile Phone Holder - is made in acrylic and shows pupils how to design using the CAD package 2D design and shows how this can be linked to a CNC router to produce the final product.

Yr 9

Clock - demonstrates laminating of different materials using plywood and plastics 

 MP3 Amplifier - electronics project PCB assembly and vacuum forming

Catering – one 10 week project

Year 7

10 week block in a rotation

Basic skills

How to use equipment

Food and nutrition- Eatwell Plate

Hygiene and Safety

Year 8

10 week block in a rotation

Emphasis on hygiene and food poisoning

2 extended studies – Pizza desgn and make task plus study Bacteria and food poisoning powerpoint presentation Practical based on improving food skills;-

  • Pastry
  • Cake making
  • Family meals
  • Pizza
  • Bread making
  • Some international meals

Year 9

10 week block in a rotation

Emphasis on family meals as recommended in the new curriculum for Food

Theme of international cookery Extended study into a country of the pupils own choice

Practicals based on food around the World

  • Lasagne
  • Curry
  • Fish cookery
  • Chinese
  • Jamaican
  • Cake making – whisking method

Textiles – one 10 week project

  1. Resistant Materials GCSE