IT & Computing


Mr Phil Daley – Head of Department

Subject Overview

Pupils develop a range of computing skills and an understanding of concepts, competence in the use of office applications for processing and presenting data, along with the use of creative software to produce and manipulate media. These activities are intended to develop pupils’ computational thinking skills and establish in them, the notion of lifelong learning with a desire to embrace new technology. The intention is to provide a balance of activity to educate pupils in the different aspects of the subject, enabling them to engage appropriately and effectively with their digital future.

Curriculum Map


Year 7 – Pupils receive one lesson per week


Autumn term

Introduction to digital resources

(School network, RMUnify, Email, Onedrive, Office 365)

Animation project


Spring term

Coding concepts

(Scratch, Flowol)

Computer hardware and software


Summer term

Spreadsheet project

Database project

Video editing



Year 9 – Pupils study IT & Computing for three lessons per week for 9 weeks as part of the Technology ‘roundabout’.


Coding concepts

(Scratch, Small basic)


Graphics project

Spreadsheet project


Extra Curricular Opportunities

Pupils who wish to extend their experience of IT and Computing can attend lunchtime club activities


Useful Materials


BBC Bitesize Computing

BBC micro:bit

Raspberry pi

Tinkercad 3D drawing

Teach ICT


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