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Miss Allsopp Curriculum Leader
Mrs K York Teacher
Mrs P Wingham Teacher/Assistant Head
Miss Hawkey Teacher

Subject Overview

We hope to inspire students in all years to develop a fascination and curiosity about the world and its people that will remain with them for the rest of their lives. Our topics should equip learners with knowledge about diverse places, people, resources, and environments, together with a deep understanding of the Earth’s key physical and human processes, and the formation of landscapes and environments. The skills and activities geography students cover (collaboration, analysing evidence, problem-solving, making decisions and critically evaluating information, ideas and viewpoints) stands them in good stead for further education and the workplace.

Our Key Stage 3 curriculum reflects the skills and ideas needed to build a solid foundation for the GCSE course (AQA 8035) We test our students regularly to establish their understanding of the topics and where necessary support and revisit learning.

Two fieldwork opportunities are undertaken in KS4. In KS3 we try to do at least one external visit; usually to a river in the New Forest, although many geographical concepts can be explored outside the classroom but within the school environs.

Geography teaching staff and the two Student Leaders for Geography are available to assist the students should the need arise and as the Y11 ‘exam season’ approaches regular revision support is scheduled after school and at lunchtime. For all internal assessment, students will be given notice and advice on what to revise.

Curriculum Map

Term Autumn Spring Summer
Year 7 -Base line geography assessment.
-What is geography?
-Map skills-Field work using school grounds
-Map skills summative test
-Atlas skills and a look at the world

-Geography of the UK
-Rote learning Test

-Summative Africa test


-Map skills recap

Year 8 -Map skills test

-Water cycling
-Rivers summative test

-Hartford Stream Trip
-Hartford Stream study (written enquiry assessment)

-Summative hazards test-HLT of a natural hazard of their choice
 -Population studies
-Summative test on population
Year 9



-Extended writing task on holiday destinations

-Economic activities
-Summative Economic Activities test

-HLT on a particular biome
-Summative ecosystems test

-Middle East
-Summative test on Middle East-China and Asia
-Extended HLT on climate change
-Possible fieldwork around school grounds

We are planning a residential fieldtrip to Iceland next year but for the current Y8, which fits perfectly both with our KS3 and KS4 curriculum.


Term Autumn Spring Summer
Year 10 The challenge of natural hazards
-Natural hazards
-Tectonic hazards
-Weather hazards
-Climate changeThere will be a mid-unit and end of unit assessment
The living world
-Tropical rainforests
-Hot desertsThere will be a mid-unit and end of unit assessment
Physical landscapes in the UK
-UK landscapes
-Coastal landscape
-River landcapesThere will be a mid-unit and end of unit assessmentMock exam Paper: 1hour 30 minutesFieldwork: physical Geography
Year 11



Urban issues and challenges
-Urban change in the UK
-The urban world
-Sustainable urban developmentThere will be a mid-unit and end of unit assessmentMock exam Paper: 1hour 30 minutesFieldwork: human Geography
The changing economic world
-The development gap
-Nigeria a Newly-Emerging Economy
-The changing UK economyThe Challenge of resource management
-Resource management
-Energy managementThere will be a mid-unit and end of unit assessment

Here is the link to the GCSE board we began in 2016. The first examination 2018.  From this link you can find the full specification and a shorter version ‘at a glance’.

Y11 Revision Materials:

AQA Geography Specification: All of the content covered within the course

Kerboodle (all students have a login for the student book which covers most of the course)

Coolgeography for a revision section on all topics, but be careful re examples which might not match ours too well

GCSEpod now much better than previously.

Apps: Brainscape to make own flashcards or download theirs

Gojimo Question and Answer (but be careful with content as some we don’t do)

For further information on the curriculum please email

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