June 2016

Bright Ideas Challenge by Shell. Year 7’s in the school looked into the challenge of what we will do when the fossil fuels run out. They came up with many inventive ways of limiting the amount of energy we use, conservation of water and ways to generate eco-friendly energy.

April 2016

Airkick – a group of year 8 & 9 went to the local indoor sky diving centre. They learnt about the forces that are involved in sky diving and how wing suits work. All the students (and staff) also had a go at the sky diving, putting their scientific knowledge into practise.

April 2016

Harper Adams University – Design your own robot. This was opened up to year 8 students. They designed robots to carry out all manner of tasks, explaining how they work and the benefits they would have to society.

March 2016

Microbiology in school’s advisory committee – How microbes work for us. We entered this national competition where the students looked at the role of beneficial microbes, as well as those which are harmful to us. Each school was allowed 8 entrants.

January to March 2015

Go from set – A design and make project with an engineer that came in and visited to helped the students with their designs. The students then went back and presented their work in Southampton. This project was with 15 Year 9 students.