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Mr M Gallimore Curriculum Leader
Mrs C Ferris Teacher

Subject Overview

Art and Design is a creative subject built around the principles of challenge, personal development and a positive learning experience. The department explores a variety of artists, media and techniques in which the students produce their own responses in a pro-active and nurturing environment. The focus is on the individual and their art journey, giving students the opportunity to succeed at every level.


Key stage 3 Art is teacher led with many opportunities for individual self-expression and outcomes. This is underpinned with a strong focus on developing technical skills and knowledge through the exploration of practical application and subject- specific vocabulary.


Key stage 4 Art builds on the skills and knowledge acquired at Key Stage 3 with the formal elements in art being further embedded in the students’ practice. The work set is teacher structured, particularly initially and less so as time goes on. Key skills and knowledge are developed along with an emphasis on the students taking the lead in the direction and content of their learning.

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Curriculum Map

Key Stage 3 projects

Y7 Two lessons a week


Cultures Project – drawing and painting

Henry Moore Sculpture – 3D clay work, observational drawing

Mandalas – pattern, colour and shape

Formal elements – line, tone, colour, composition, texture, shape, form, pattern


Y8 One lesson plus one arts rotation lesson a week


Cubism – drawing, multi-media, observational drawing

Oldenberg Sculpture – 3D clay work

O’Keeffe Flowers – shape, colour, tonal observational drawing, blending


Y9 One lesson a week


Pop Art – observational drawing, composition, shape and print making

Gargoyles – tonal observational drawing, 3D clay sculpture

Surrealism – composition, tone, texture and colour

Key Stage 4



An extended project based on specific themes such as self, local area, journeys and current events. Media and technique are explored through experimentation, supported by artist research. Presentation and annotation are key skills developed in Year 10. There is a mock exam near the end of year ten.




A more compact project is completed during the first term to fulfil the coursework criteria of one and a half projects. This constitutes 60% of the overall GCSE grade. A Y11 mock exam is completed near the end of the first term.  An exam project is undertaken from January to May and this makes up the remaining 40% of the overall grade. The external exam paper provides students with several options to choose as a starting point to their exam project. The culminates in a ten-hour exam taken over two non-consecutive days.

Examination Board

Exam Board – AQA

Qualification – GCSE Fine Art


Students’ work is marked on four Assessment Objectives as follows-


AO1 Development of ideas

AO2 Experimentation and refinement of ideas though the use of media, techniques and processes

AO3 Recording of ideas

AO4 Realisation of intentions in a final piece

Extra Curricular Opportunities

KS3 art club – fun art activities

KS4 art club – opportunity to work in the art workshops with a specialist teacher

Helpful Link


1     – although this is aimed at teachers it has some wonderful project ideas and examples of good student practice.

2              Sketchbook Pro App


1              Ways of Seeing by John Berger. An absolute classic

2              Van Gogh’s Ear by Bernadette Murphy. What really did happen to Van Gogh’s ear and why he cut it off.

3              On Photography by Susan Sontag.

4              Art as Therapy. Alain de Botton and John Armstrong. Using Art from throughout History to solve all your problems.


1              Modern Painters

2              Kustom Graphics

3              Artists and Illustrators

4              The Artist

5              Scholastic Art


1              30 Day Drawing Challenge (see Pinterest for ideas)

2              See (listed above).

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