Sarah Dove Clerk
Martin O’Driscoll Foundation Vice Chair 28/09/2015 08/12/2024
Fr John Lee Foundation 08/09/2022 07/09/2026
John Wright Headteacher 01/09/2015 21/12/2025
Dave Letherby Foundation 22/12/2017 21/12/2025
Alison Mackay Foundation PP 07/04/2022 06/04/2026
Roger Poole Foundation FR 12/09/2016 11/09/2024
Kieran Sidley Foundation Chair H&S & SEND 19/10/2018 18/10/2026
Michael Whitty Foundation RI 03/12/2015 02/12/2023
Clare Megan Foundation 01/12/2023 31/10/2026
Elizabeth Flaherty Foundation 04/06/2024 13/06/2028
Tony Darroch Foundation 14/06/2024 13/06/2028
Caroline Hartgill Parent 06/09/2021 05/09/2025
Claire Pyrke-Moran Local Authority SG 29/09/2021 28/09/2025
Rebecca Taylor Staff 01/06/2021 31/05/2025
Kate Webb Co-opted 22/05/2024 21/05/2028
Lisa Martin-Whatley Co-opted 19/06/2024 18/06/2028
Constitution Required Appointed
Co-opted 3 2
Foundation 10 10
Headteacher 1 1
Local Authority 1 1
Parent 2 1
Staff 1 1

Board of Governors 2023/2024

All of our Governors can be contacted through the Clerk ( or via the school.

Board of Governors 2023/2024

 All of our Governors can be contacted through the Clerk ( or via the school.

Chair of Governors:
K Sidley

 Vice Chair of Governors:
M O’Driscoll

 Full Governing Body:
M O’Driscoll, K Sidley, J Wright , D Letherby,  M Whitty, Fr J Lee,  A Mackay,  R Poole, C Hartgill, R Taylor, C Pyrke-Moran, C Megan, K Webb

D Letherby (Chair) C Pyrke-Moran,  M Whitty, A Mackay, R Taylor

 Site, Finance & Personnel:
K Sidley(Chair), R Poole, M O’Driscoll, C Hartgill, Fr J Lee, C Megan

K Sidley (Chair), M Whitty, C Pyrke-Moran

First 3 eligible Governors from M O’Driscoll, K Sidley,  M Whitty, Fr John Lee,  A Mackay,  R Poole, C Hartgill, C Pyrke-Moran, C Megan

Governor Links:

Religious Education – Fr J Lee, M O’Driscoll
English – M Whitty, C Pyrke-Moran
Mathematics – A Mackay, C Hartgill
Science – R Poole, C Megan
Physical Education – K Sidley
Health & Safety – K Sidley, R Poole
Pupil Premium – A Mackay
SEND – K Sidley
Safeguarding – C Pyrke-Moran
Development & Training Governor – K Sidley
Forum Representative – R Poole

Gross Salary Information

Bishop Challoner has one member of staff whose gross annual salary exceeds £100k.

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