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Mrs O’Neill Head of History
Miss MacDonald History Teacher / Assistant Headteacher
Miss Chong History Teacher / Assistant Head of Year
Mrs Humphrey Humanities Teacher
Mr Jacobson History Teacher

Subject Overview

The History department of Bishop Challoner School follows a clear vision: Our History Matters. By that we mean the History of all those in our school community are respected and taken into consideration. Great effort is put into our curriculum to make sure our students feel both represented in our History studies and connected to our History on a local, national and international level. We are constantly evolving our curriculum offer to make sure it is inclusive and holistic in regard to race, gender, age and sexuality. We also endeavour to provide background and contextual knowledge that students will require for their studies at GCSE without any repetition.

All students in KS3 History will engage with six key Historical skills: Similarity and Difference, Cause and Consequence, Change and Continuity, Significance, Interpretations and Evidence. Great effort is taken to make sure that the most appropriate skills are embedded into individual enquiries, with skills being built on each year, adding on the next layer of understanding. Further to this, substantive concepts and schemas that are developed in students’ Primary School History studies can be increased as their KS3 studies go on, ready for the demands of the GCSE study and beyond.

We are proud of the enthusiasm and enjoyment our students get from learning our curriculum and how through the study of History, we are helping to form generations of well-informed and respectful individuals.

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Curriculum Map

Between year 7 and year 9, students move chronologically through their study of History, starting with the Norman conquest and ending with a study of the later Twentieth Century. There are also opportunities to help students think about History from a thematic and depth study point of view. As well as focusing on time periods, different topics also focus on the development of specific Historical skills which are repeated each year.

Year 7 – How far was it a rich, white, British, man’s world in the Medieval and Early Modern era?
Year 8 – Why is the period 1750-1918 known as an age of revolution?
Year 9 – How has conflict and tension between nations in the twentieth century shaped our world today?
Year 10 – GCSE History, covering America: 1920-1973 and Britain: The Health and the People, c. 1000 to Present.
Year 11 – GCSE History, covering Conflict and Tension: 1918-1939 and Norman England: 1066-c.1100.


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History Learning Journey Roadmap
Year 7 History Learning Journey Roadmap
GCSE History: America, Opportunity and Inequality: 1920 1973 Roadmap
GCSE History: Britain, the Health and the People, c.1000 to today Roadmap
GCSE History: Conflict and Tension, 1918 1939 ‘The Road to War’ Roadmap

Exam Board/ criteria:

AQA GCSE History
America, Opportunity and Inequality: 1920-1973 (Examination paper 1)
Conflict and Tension: 1918-1939 (Examination Paper 1)
Britain: The Health and the People, c. 1000 to Present (Examination Paper 2)
Norman England, 1066 to c. 1100 (Examination Paper 2)

Extra-Curricular Opportunities

KS3 History Club – a chance to delve into some complimentary topics along with what is being learnt in lesson time as well as chance for students to engage with Historical enquiries they are passionate about.

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