In 1997, Pope John Paul II decided that the internet could use a patron saint to guide Catholics in its proper use. He chose Saint Isidore of Seville (560-636), Doctor of the Church, and last of the Latin Fathers. Saint Isidore of Seville compiled one of the first encyclopedias which were said to be ‘practically everything that it is necessary to know’.

New technologies are helping us do amazing things we could have only dreamt of once. In seconds we can now be connected to people all across the world, we can carry entire libraries of books in our pockets and create amazing videos from devices we use everyday. Our lives are so intertwined with technology and the benefits this brings that we overlook the new dangers that appear as a result.

Here are a few helpful guides for everyone:

ThinkUKnow is an education programme from the National Crime Agency’s Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP) Command. Since 2006, ThinkUKnow has been keeping children and young people safe by providing education about sexual abuse and sexual exploitation. ThinkUKnow is unique. It is underpinned by the latest intelligence about child sex offending from CEOP Command.

It has a wealth of information for parents and students: This page will direct you to various sites to help you keep your child safe online. The sites include the think you know website, run by the national crime agency. [GB].

Simple 15 minute activities to do with your child (11-13)

and for those (14+) 

I’m worried my child might see something inappropriate online

Protect your children by activating simple parental controls around your home.

This tool will help you understand how to set parental controls across all the main devices and websites your children use. Simply scroll through the different categories and choose what you would like to protect, or you can just select one specific item.  The tool will then give you a simple guide to setting controls on each one.

internet matters . org

As a parent or carer, you play a key role in helping your child to stay safe online.

You don’t need to be an expert on the internet to help keep your child stay safe online. Our advice and resources are here to support you as you support your child to use the internet safely, responsibility and positively. . .

Click on the logo to visit the UK Safer Internet Centre

MMGuardian is a mobile device management application allowing you to keep track of what is happening with your child's phone or iPad.

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