Wellbeing Mentors

Our first team of Wellbeing Mentors were trained as Y9 students in summer 2016 and began supporting the wellbeing of our community in September 2016. Our next year’s team are now trained and ready to make an impact in September 2017. They will start out with a particular focus on our new Y7 students.

The Wellbeing Mentors are given a day’s training in active listening, safeguarding and wellbeing issues. There will also be training in mediation techniques for a select number of mentors who show an aptitude for resolving potential conflict.

As well as being pro-active playground surfers (looking out for isolated, unhappy students and befriending them), our Wellbeing mentors also take it turns to be a presence in ‘The Lounge’ in C1 at lunchtime. This is a space for students to come and relax, chat or play games. A member of staff is always present here also. The wellbeing mentors offer a listening service focusing on empathy rather than giving advice although they are in a position to signpost further support in the school or online.

Our Wellbeing mentors also promote happiness in school through one off events, such as their lunchtime Mental Health Awareness Workshop or regular offerings, such as their popular Mindfulness Colouring drop in sessions on Wednesday lunchtimes.


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