As well as delivering academic excellence, Bishop Challoner Catholic Secondary School provides students with outstanding pastoral support.  We believe that Every Child Matters and we show this in a variety of ways.  Our aim is to provide a genuine Christian education through which all may come to recognise the dignity of the person and the equality of all.

In a caring Christian community, pastoral care is the concern of each member of staff.  The foundation for pastoral care can be recognised in the daily adherence to the twin concepts of ‘The Challoner Way’ and ‘Walk with Me’.

All students are therefore encouraged to show a sense of responsibility and a concern for standards and the quality of relationships.  Bishop Challoner Catholic Secondary School attaches great importance to maintaining close and continuous contact with the pupils and their parents.

Discipline is viewed in the context of relationships and pastoral care.  We try to be firm but kind and to encourage all of our students to develop a keen sense of personal responsibility.

As you would expect of a school such as ours, we have a chaplaincy which forms part of our comprehensive support and counselling team, offering advice and help to meet a student’s personal and spiritual needs.

All staff at Bishop Challoner Catholic Secondary are pastoral leaders who encourage students to do ‘Ordinary things extraordinarily well.’

Year Teams 2022/2023

Year 7 – Mrs Almeida / Mrs Zizzi

Year 8 – Mrs Wallace / Mr Newman-Farr

Year 9 – Mr Rahman / Miss Chong

Year 10 – Mr Crook/ Mr Daley

Year 11 – Mrs Ferris / Mrs Curran

Deputy Head (Behaviour) – Mr Dollimore

Assistant Head (Pastoral) – Mrs P Wingham

Pastoral Support Assistant – Miss Fowkes

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