The core purpose of a Catholic School is to support families and parish’s in supporting young people in developing their faith and by doing so providing advice, support and a sense of ethics and morality as they negotiate their way through from childhood to adolescence to adulthood.

Elsewhere you will read of what we call “The Challoner Way” and “Walk with Me” which try to sum up what makes a Catholic School distinctive. In short it’s our love for Christ and the unconditional love of Christ which motivates all of our work.

We are fortunate at Bishop Challoner Catholic Secondary School to have two Lay Chaplains who guide our Chaplaincy work; they are of course supported by other staff and particularly by Clergy and our Pastoral Area Youth Coordinator. Teresa and Angie have an office and a prayer room centrally located in the school, and is available for staff and students to talk with.

Each day at Bishop Challoner starts and ends with prayer.

All students have a formal assembly each week.

Students have the opportunity to take part in a variety of Liturgical Services and to take a full part in student service and fundraising.

Students attend Holy Mass on key dates in the school calendar (Challoner Day) and on important dates in the Liturgical calendar. The Chaplaincy Team is supported by Form Tutors, Heads of Year, our Charities Co-ordinator and our Student Leaders.

Meet the Team

Teresa Cripps and Angie Carroll
Parish Priests:

  • Fr Paul Leonard (St Joseph’s, Basingstoke)
  • Fr John Lee (St Bede’s, Basingstoke & Hook)
  • Fr Dom Austin Gurr (St John the Baptist, Andover)
  • Fr Patrick Tansey (St Michael’s, Tadley)

Charities Co-ordinator:
Virginia O’Kelly

We ensure that our faith is fully embedded in our daily work, our tutor groups are named after Saints Anthony, Benedict, Clare, Dominic, Francis and Gregory. Student planners contain school prayers, and every room contains a crucifix and a school mission statement prominently and appropriately displayed. Students are encouraged and supported by chaplaincy to see themselves as unique children of God and to offer their work to the Lord. Bishop Challoner’s invocation to “do ordinary things extraordinarily well” guides us.

Chaplaincy at Bishop Challoner Catholic Secondary School has extensive links with Chaplaincy throughout the Diocese, and students have the opportunity to participate in Diocesan life through events such as the Year 7 Pilgrimage, day and residential retreats, youth gatherings and the annual Good Shepherd Mass.

Please feel free to contact the Chaplain if you feel they could be of any assistance to you or your family.

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