Year 10 Autumn Term Spring Term Summer Term
ICT Unit 1: The Online World

Learners begin the theory in preparation for their January examination.  In this unit they will investigate online services and online communication, the components of the internet and how digital devices exchange and store information alongside the issues with operating online.

Unit 9: Spreadsheet development.

Learners will understand the many uses for spreadsheets and discover the tools and techniques that are available in spreadsheet software.


Exam: January 2018

Unit 9: Spreadsheet development.  Here learners are given the opportunity to design a spreadsheet for a football club to hold their season ticket holder information.  They will need to develop, test and review this spreadsheet.

Unit 4: Creating digital animation (subject to change)

Learners will investigate the range of applications and features of existing animation products or sequences that have been created for an intended audience and purpose. They will be able to apply their findings when creating their own computer animation, which do not require user interaction.


Exam (Resit): May 2018


Unit 4: Creating digital animation (subject to change)

Learners will design, create and test their own animated product, in a similar way to how it is done in industry, and be introduced to the technology and techniques used by the professionals.  They will need to think about the creative aspect of the project as well as technical skills to use. This will be reviewed having obtained feedback from others.



Year 11 Autumn Term Spring Term Summer Term
ICT Unit 3: A Digital Portfolio.

During this unit learners will have the opportunity to design, create and test their own digital portfolio.  This is designed to teach students how they can apply for jobs within this sector

Exam (Resit): January 2019

Unit 3 A Digital Portfolio.

This unit is finished off by reviewing their portfolio in order to consider whether it is suitable for the intended audience and purpose along with justifying any reasons for changes that have been made


Exam (Resit): May 2019

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