School Buses

Stagecoach Buses 


Chineham Bus 657

8:20am            Chineham Village Hall
8:25am            Chineham Centre, Tesco
8:34am            Popley, Tintern Close
8:45am            Bishop Challoner School
3:45pm            Bishop Challoner School
3:56pm            Popley, Tintern Close
4:00pm            Chineham Centre, Tesco
4:04pm            Chineham, Thumwood
4:11pm            Chineham Village Hall

Popley Bus 657

8:20am            Chineham, Tesco
8:30am            Tobago Close
8:34am            Tintern Close
8:45am            Bishop Challoner
3:45pm            Bishop Challoner
3:56pm            Tintern Close
4:00pm            Carpenters Down
4:13pm            Lychpit, Saxon Way

Tadley Bus 622

7:34am            Baughurst, Cricketers
7:42am            Baughurst, Burnham Road
7:50am            Tadley, Rowan Road
8:00am            Sherbourne, Crane’s Farm
8:10am            Basingstoke Station
8:20am            Queen Mary’s College
8:35am            Bishop Challoner School
3:45pm            Bishop Challoner School
4:00pm            Sherbourne St John, Manor Road
4:08pm            Tadley, Rowan Road
4:13pm            Baughurst, Burnham Road
4:18pm            Baughurst, Cricketers
4:22pm            Baughurst, Badgers Wood


Please check Stagecoach website for up to date information on all other local routes

NB:  Stagecoach bus passes are available from the bus station information office in the town centre.

Andover Bus (arrive early!)

Please contact PACT for more details, email:


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