House System

Patron     Feast     Motto
St Anthony of Padua 13th June  Let your words teach and your actions speak

St Benedict of Nursia 11th July  Serve God with the gifts He has given you

St Clare of Assisi 11th August We become what we love and who we love shapes what we become

St Dominic de Guzman 8th August  Arm yourselves with prayer

St Francis of Assisi 4th October Lord, make me an instrument of your peace.

St Gregory the Great 3rd September True riches are those which make us rich in virtue

Mr Lewis is responsible for co-ordinating the House system. Students compete in Houses on Sports Day and throughout the year in a whole range of Inter-House events. Each House is led by a member of staff who conducts House assemblies once per term and is assisted by Year 11 House Leaders.

House House Colour Leader Year 11 House Leaders
St. Anthony Purple Mr. C. Sheers L Alvarado & B Hendry
St. Benedict Green Mr. J. Gomarsall A Tala & L Sullivan
St. Clare Blue Ms. F. Hutchings R Mufiri & R Wragg
St. Dominic Orange Mrs C. Cooper D Clay & S Stephen
St. Francis Red Mrs C. Ferris C York & D El-Shaer
St. Gregory Yellow Ms. R. Taylor E Cooper & P Echem Pereira
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