Meet the department

 Mrs C Ferris Curriculum Leader


Subject Overview

In Textiles Design we focus on learning and developing skills that can be useful in the future. Transferable skills of organisation, presentation, media manipulation and time management are taught through the medium of textiles. Students research, design, construct and evaluate according to a Design Brief from their client.

Textiles – one 10 week project

All technology subjects follow the same problem-solving process following a design brief to make a product, Research, Specification, Design Make and Evaluate.

Curriculum Map

Yr7 Focus on Design and construction. Key skills – Hand sewing, planning and problem-solving.

Yr 8 Focus on design and printing, Key Skills – drawing & painting on a tee shirt.

Yr 9 Focus Design and printing. Key Skills – silk screen prep & printing & designing.

For further information on the curriculum please email adminoffice@bcs.hants.sch.uk

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