Here at Bishop Challoner Catholic School we offer the Bronze Duke of Edinburgh’s Award to our Year 9 students during the Summer term, before they go into year 10. Currently we have spaces for 42 participants but we are hoping to increase this in the future. If your son/daughter would like to start their Bronze Award as soon as they turn 14 years of age then there are various Open Centres in the area which they can attend. For further details contact

The Bronze Award is made up of four sections; Physical, Volunteering, Skill and an Expedition. More information can be found on the Award website

From the outset there are weekly meetings with the students to provide them with resources and to help them decide which activities to choose for each section. The students need to participate in these outside of normal School hours. For the Expedition section the students will all follow a compulsory training programme to prepare them for the two trips which have historically taken place in the New Forest.

As you may be aware completing the DofE Award is a real adventure from beginning to end. There are lots of positive outcomes which can be gained through completing the award including:

·         Achieving new skills and qualities such as confidence and leadership

·         Completing a challenging Award Scheme that is highly regarded by further Education and future employers.

·         Being recognised for doing things you want to do (and may even be doing already).

·         Making a difference to other people’s lives and their community, being fitter and healthier and having memories to last a lifetime!

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact me. I fully recommend that any young person takes on this challenge as it is very rewarding and valuable experience. I wish them every success in their participation.

Mrs C Cooper
DofE Coordinator

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